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There is a vast amount of online STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) resources available to secondary school students. This article outlines our recommended projects and competitions for students interested in STEM. We hope you find it informative and are inspired to follow up with your Head of Science/STEM and take part in one of the competitions! 

STEM Competitions: 

  • Arkwright Engineering Scholarship: Prestigious competition for year 11 students to kickstart an engineering career. Scholars receive £600 financial funding, professional mentoring, and access to exclusive events. 
  • FirstTech Challenge: Robotics competition for students aged 12-18 to design, code, and operate a robot in a head-to-head tournament. 
  • CanSat Competition: Satellite challenge for students over the age of 14 to fit all the subsystems found in a satellite, such as pressure sensors and cameras, into the minimal volume of a soft drinks can. Completed CanSats are launched by the organisers and in-flight data is transmitted back to an Earth-based computer. 
  • Moon Camp Pioneers: Space competition for students aged 15-19 to design a complete Moon Camp Settlement using Autodesk Fusion 360 software. 
  • GreenPower: Motorsport competition for students aged 9-25 to design and build their own battery-powered F1 car, and then race it against other competitors. 
  • Astro Pi: Teams under the age of 19 design and program a scientific experiment to run on board the International Space Station. The best experiments are deployed to the ISS. 

STEM Projects: 

  • Engineering Education Scheme: National project giving year 12 students real-world experience in Engineering. Teams are presented with a problem and work alongside an industry mentor to research and formulate their solution. Successful projects can be entered for a CREST award. 
  • CREST Award: Teams or individuals can submit STEM projects they have completed to receive one of 3 levels of award and a certificate recognised by universities and employers. 
  • Coolest Projects: Technology fair for students under the age of 18 to showcase their STEM projects to judges including Tim Peake. 
  • Big Bang Competition: STEM competition for students aged 11-19 to present project-based work to compete for the coveted title of GSK UK Young Scientist of the Year. 

STEM Learning is the largest provider of STEM education across the UK: is a website built, maintained, and contributed to solely by students at Eton College: 

  • STEM Articles: Read and review STEM articles written by students covering topics such as “The Science behind the Infinity Stones” and “3D printing organs”. 
  • STEM Publications: Read Eton’s two STEM-related publications online (Axiom and Scientific Etonian), featuring articles such as “Neural Networks: How YouTube keeps us hooked” and “Quantum: The Future of Computing?” 
  • STEM Projects: We are hoping to open up the opportunity for students from TVLP schools to submit articles or projects to the website. 

— Jack Finnis

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