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The Trivial Inequality 

One of the most fundamental inequalities in math is the Trivial Inequality, which says: If x is a real number, then . if and only if . This seemingly innocuous…

Sphere packing

Random Sphere Packing 

A really common problem in an area of mathematics known as packing optimization is sphere packing: this involves determining how many spheres can be fit into a box, another sphere,…


Monopoly – A game of chance? 

If you’ve played a bit of monopoly, you start to realize that the orange properties seem to be the best, while Boardwalk (the last dark blue one) is rarely ever…


Cavalieri’s Principle 

Bonaventura Cavalieri observed that if a set of parallel planes cutting two figures of equal height always form cross-sections of equal area, then the volumes of the solids are equal….