The All-New EtonSTEM website Is Here!

We're Back!

Over the Summer Holidays, EtonSTEM was, for some odd reason, targeted in a brute-force hacking attempt. After many weeks of frustration and constant set-backs, we had managed to transfer the website to a secure server. However, this resulted in something much much worse: The website itself was completely wiped. Back-ups were also impossible to create before the server migration, which may have been due to the underlying issues with the website code.

However, the team and I have worked tirelessly to bring EtonSTEM back online, and we have finally managed to do so, with an all-new website built completely from scratch! We are also delighted that the EtonSTEM website has been picked up by Eton as an official school publication and will hopefully remain a part of Eton’s Science department for years to come.


Many thanks to my amazing team: Rajas Nanda, Max Hersov, Simba Shi and Tobi Bamisaye.

You might notice that some pages are currently empty. These will be filled in the coming weeks with a range of resources and publications alike. We hope you will enjoy the new website, and the fantastic articles to come.


Best wishes,

Richard Kim, Head and Founder of the new EtonSTEM publication

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